Our Story

Krystal Grossmith started Nourished Planet in 2015 with a dream of solving big problems within the food system. After years working in the food industry, Krystal saw first-hand what happens behind the scenes of what you eat — and how industry players are critical to driving change that materially impacts our communities, economies, and environment. She has also been inspired by personal experiences minimizing and repurposing waste for regenerative use.

Together with a small team of engineers, Krystal spent the first 3 years at Nourished Planet researching and developing solutions to upcycle organic waste for higher financial and environmental benefit. These early projects included developing a beverage waste stream prototype converter for ethanol and grey water, food waste composter prototype for restaurants, and organic fertilizer mix sourced from commercial coffee grounds. Nourished Planet also partnered with MPE Services Inc. to market their BIOGOS aerobic digester technology that created safe soil from organic waste. At the core of each of these initiatives has been a drive to maximize our food system by minimizing waste. 

The business has evolved from developing proprietary products to working with others, including consumer brands and startups. Clients have included The JM Smucker Company, CLIF Bar & Company, and Preserve Farm Kitchens. As our mission continues to help move the world in a positive direction, we are excited to partner with organizations and empower individuals to achieve their “good” business goals.

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