Biogos Pricing

Pricing includes:

  • Custom-built machine with cutting edge CAD/CAM design engineering and stainless steel interior / exterior parts
  • Installation, startup, and maintenance instructions
  • Free onsite “factory acceptance” demo at manufacturing facility prior to final payment receipt
  • Immediate return on investment through monthly savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint
Biogos Model Price per Unit Capacity/Day* Dimensions (HxLxD)
GB1500 $85,000 1500 lbs 51″ x 79.5″ x 55″
GB1000 $80,000 1000 lbs 61″ x 68.75″ x 51.50″
GB500 $75,000 500 lbs 51″ x 68.75″ x 51.50″

Monthly leasing options are available through Magellan Capital. View the Magellan Capital Partners Biogos webpage for more information.

Pricing does not include shipping fees and taxes. Allow approximately 8-10 weeks shipment from purchase order approval.

* Estimated capacity per 24 hour digestion cycle

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Financing Biogos

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