Nourished Planet is devoted to developing solutions capable of turning food waste into wealth. Businesses employing our solutions can reuse resources derived from waste on-site and/or resell them in the broader marketplace. As part of our long-term strategy, our engineers are hard at work refining our offering to help businesses turn waste from liability to asset. Below is one of the solutions we currently are developing.

Product: T2F Restaurant Prototype

Thanks to small profit margins, running a successful restaurant business often hinges on maximizing efficiency. With restaurants generating large amounts of food and beverage waste, paying people to haul off and dispose of it is becoming a costly business liability. Meanwhile, growing regulatory uncertainty surrounding waste means smart businesses are looking to get ahead of the issue before it gets out of hand. Working with restaurant owners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Nourished Planet has identified a golden opportunity to help them and others across the country save money on waste removal fees while creating value from their food and beverage waste.

The “Table 2 Farm” (T2F) Restaurant Prototype is one of our proprietary technologies currently under development, which is designed to benefit restaurant businesses by:

  • lowering costs from waste removal fees
  • maximizing the efficient use of time
  • improving use of labor
  • reducing carbon footprint and other environmental impacts

If you believe this technology can help your restaurant business, we currently are accepting submissions for partners to test our prototype.

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