Our Story

The farm from the air

Our food system has a serious waste problem. In the United States, 40 percent of the food we produce goes uneaten and often ends up in landfills. From farmers to food manufacturers, opportunities for recovering lost value are being sacrificed to unnecessary waste streams. After years in the food manufacturing industry witnessing this waste first-hand, Krystal Grossmith in 2015 founded Nourished Planet to provide solutions that maximize the value of our food system by minimizing waste.

The concept for the company first crystallized during a visit to her family’s farm in Indiana, where her uncle Neal’s worked to repurpose waste into valuable resources. In an effort to minimize costs and maximize value from his farm’s offering, Neal used leftover grains from home-brews as horse feed, heated water with a homemade solar collector, and composted scraps for use as fertilizer.

Krystal thought: What if we could apply similar sustainable thinking to the global food system?

Nourished Planet currently is focused on repurposing waste from the coffee industry into valuable organic fertilizers for farmers. And we’re just getting started — our long-term goal is to generate shared value and create a consciousness shift that redirects waste streams for best use.